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If you would like to donate a toy this year, use the Amazon link below to pick out a toy for kids up to age 12 and send it to our address! Keep an eye out for more ways you can donate to the cause soon.

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Our Story

Meet our family: Steve, Gina, Angelina, Zach, and Zoey.

We are traditionally known as “The Griswolds of New Jersey” because of our annual Christmas Vacation themed display and toy drive in our own front yard in South Jersey. It all started with a ton of lights, and that quickly grew into a full-fledged display with an RV, a tree, a Station Wagon, detailed mannequins to replicate the famous characters, and reinactments from the movie. We were stunned the first time we realized what a big audience of die-hard Christmas Vacation fans we were attracting from our area and even outside of New Jersey, but what’s even more amazing is the evergrowing abundance of love and support we’ve seen from our community during our annual toy drive. For the past two years, we’ve managed to fill our RV to the brim with toys for families who need a little extra help during the holidays - all because of our our incredible supporters. Our family values community, fellowship, and generosity more than anything, and we aspire to expand these values beyond our holiday traditions.

We hope you’ll join us on our journey. Check out our upcoming web series to get to know our family and get a behind-the-scenes look at how we put together our annual display. We can’t wait to introduce you to everyone who makes this a reality every year - even our wonderful neighbors who get to put up with our antics!

As Clark Griswold would say, “We’re gonna have the hap-hap-happiest Christmas!”
With Love,

The Harbaughs

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